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    • Get involved in the Surtaal Summer School. Apply online today. #summerschool #indianmusic #surtaalarts

    • Grand Welcome in Diwali Lights Show

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    • Surtal gets on BBC – test post

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  • The South Asian subcontinent is a fascinating place; a cluster of nations rich in colour and culture, beauty and tradition! Surtal Asian Arts, founded in 1994, is a vibrant Derby-based organisation which plays a significant role locally and regionally in promoting the appreciation and practice of South Asian arts and culture originating from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

    We promote South Asian Arts through a range of exciting activities tailored to fit the varying environments our work reaches, from educational projects and lunchtime after-school clubs, to weekly dance and music classes, community theatre productions, concerts, exhibitions and national festivals.

    At Surtal we not only give people the opportunity to learn a skill from entry level, but provide support for aspiring artists through development programmes. Commission projects are produced in traditional, contemporary and cross-cultural art forms with professional national and international artists, making the range of our work exciting and
    ever varied.